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Whitman United States Innovation Dollars Album 2018-2025

Whitman United States Innovation Dollars Album 2018-2025

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In 2018 the U.S. Mint issued the first coin in a new, 15-year series: the American Innovation $1 Coin Program. Each of the golden dollars in the program features a reverse design that "symbolizes quintessentially American traits - the willingness to explore, to discover, and to create one's own destiny."

From 2019 through 2032, 4 new coins per year represent each state, in the order in which they ratified the Constitution or were admitted to the Union, plus the District of Columbia and each of the five U.S. territories. 21 openings, 2 pages (dated 2018-2023).

Type set album.

Album cover is dated 2018-2032.  This is the entirety of the program.  Album only includes 2 pages dated 2018-2023.  As the US Mint provides information on designs for future dates additional pages for the album will be created and sold.  

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