Collection: Lighthouse Vario


Trusted by experienced collectors all over the world: the original VARIO sheets with ultra-transparent welded strips provide ideal protection by completely covering the inserted collector's items. Available as one-sided clear VARIO C sheets for viewing from front and back or double-sided black VARIO S sheets for double capacity. Both are offered with welded strips in many different divisions, making it the most versatile stock sheet system in the market. Suitable for stamps in different sizes, souvenir sheets, booklets, coil stamps, FDCs as well as for banknotes, postcards, phone cards, hotel room key cards, casino slot cards, and more. Black interleaves provide for an elegant back drop or help with content organization. Archival quality: 100% free of chemical softeners and acids. Compatible with all VARIO binders. Also fit most standard 3-ring or 4-ring binders.

Overall size: 8 1/2 x 11" (216 x 280 mm).


Vario Plus

Plastic pockets made of extra strong film, welded crystal clear pockets on black backing film.
Suitable for all VARIO binders. Compatible with regular VARIO sheets. Overall size: 8 ½ x11” (216 x 280 mm).