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Scott US Pony Express 1998 #10

Scott US Pony Express 1998 #10

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Scott Pony Express Album Pages (double-sided): US Pony Express 1998 Supplement #10. A total of 20 pages on 10 sheets are included in this supplement. On page 8, we have illustrated Scott 3120 (Chinese New Year); space is also available in Supplement No. 6 (1994) on page 7, if you wish to mount this issue along with the previous Chinese New Year stamps. There is no mount box on pages 3 through 6 and horizontal guidelines only on pages 11, 12 and 16; because Scott 3182 -3185 (Celebrate the Century), Scott 3209 -3210 (Trans Mississippi) and Scott 3236 (American Art) are larger than our standard format.
All stamps issued through 1998, as listed in the Scott Catalogue, are included.

Size: 9 x 11
Hole Punch: 3-Ring
Series: Pony Express

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