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Scott US Commemorative Singles 1996 #26

Scott US Commemorative Singles 1996 #26

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Scott National Series Album Pages: U.S. Commemorative Singles 1996 Supplement #26. This supplement contains a total of 10 pages. On page 3, we have illustrated Scott 3060 (Chi­nese New Year); space is also available in Supplement No. 24 (1994) on page 3, if you wish to mount this issue along with the previous Chinese New Year stamps. On page 4, the horizontal lines are guidelines for the placement of your mount for Scott 3068 (Summer Olympic Games) sheet. Blocks of four have been illustrated for the following issues: Scott 3061-3064 (Pioneers of Communication), Scott 3077-3080 (Prehistoric Animals) Scott 3083-3086 (Folk Heroes) and Scott 3108-3111 (Family Christmas); please use a blank page if you wish to mount strips of four of these issues. Pages 6 and 7, are blank titled pages for the American Music Series issues Scott 3096-3099 (Big Band Leaders) and Scott 3100-3103 (Songwriters), this allows you to mount whatever configuration of these stamps you prefer.
All commemorative stamps issued through 1996, as listed in the Scott Catalogue, are included.

Size: 10 x 11.5
Hole Punch: 3-Ring & 2 Square Post
Series: National

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