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Scott US Commemorative Singles 1994 #24

Scott US Commemorative Singles 1994 #24

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Scott National Series Album Pages: U.S. Commemorative Singles 1994 Supplement #24. This supplement contains a total of 16 pages. On page 3, we have grouped the New Years stamps issued to date; space has been allowed for future issues. Blank, titled pages have been included for the following stamps: page 5 for Scott 2819-2828 (Silent Screen Stars), page 11 for Scott 2849-2853 (Popular Singers) and page 12 for Scott 2854-2861 (Jazz and Blues Singers); this allows you to mount whatever configuration of these stamps you prefer. On page 14 and 16 the horizontal lines are guidelines for the placement of your mount for the Legends of the West sheet Scott 2869-2870; our page does not allow for our usual format. Page 15 is a blank, titled page for placement of the Legends of the West gutter pairs or blocks from the uncut sheet of 120, whichever your wish to collect. The following pages update and replace pages from Supplement No. 22 (1992): pages 1 and 3 replace page 13, pages 2 replaces page 7.

Size: 10 x 11.5
Hole Punch: 3-Ring & 2 Square Post
Series: National

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