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Scott US Commemorative Singles 1993 #23

Scott US Commemorative Singles 1993 #23

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Scott National Series Album Pages: U.S. Commemorative Singles 1993 Supplement #23 (13 Pages). This supplement contams a total of 10 pages. This year's supplement pages have been designed to give you the greatest amount of flexibility possible. Two blank pages bearing the title "American Music Series" are includ­ed allcniringyou to mount whatever conftgu­rations of Scott 2724-2730 and Scott 2771-2774 you prefer. Blank pages also have been provided which can be used to mount strips of both the National Postal Museum Scott 2779-2782, and Classic Books Scott 2786-2788. The pages for the Christmas stamps have been designed so that you can collect one of each design or every major catalogue number associated with the issue. On page 9 space has been providedforyou to mount the Con­temporary Christmas Scott 2791-2794 strip of 4 beneath the block of 4 illustration. Space has been provided on page 10 for you to mount the coil self-adhesive of the Contem­porary Christmas Scott 2799-2802.
The following stamp, issued in 1993, does not appear: Scott C 132 is being held pending release of additional stamps that would complete an album page.

Size: 10 x 11.5
Hole Punch: 3-Ring & 2 Square Post
Series: National

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